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Here you will find fun and engaging storybooks about some of the most unique wildlife creatures inhabiting the United States.  As children delight in the animal stories, they will also be exposed to some natural history and geographic points of interest. You can order directly from our website. See the Catalog for details.

Books that inspire, educate and entertain!

Bat Book Cover Armadillo book cover Cool Critters book cover
The Bat Book Don't Ever Cross that Road Cool Critters
by Conrad Storad by Conrad Storad by Lorraine Geiger
Roadrunner book cover Jackalope book cover Stome Pizza book cover
Lizards for Lunch Have You Ever Seen a Jackalope Stone Pizza
by Conrad Storad by Jullian Lund by Susan Mitchell
Pack Rat book cover Tortoise book cover Javelina book cover
Desert Night Shift Life In The Slow Lane Don't Call Me Pig
by Conrad Storad by Conrad Storad by Conrad Storad
Wild Night book cover Pack Rat book cover Fang, Stinger book cover
A Wild and Woolly Night Big Horns Don't Honk Fang and Stinger
by Lorraine Geiger by Stephen Lester by Conrad Storad
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Bighorns Don't Honk
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Gecko book cover Monster book cover
Counting Little Geckos Monster in the Rocks
by Charline Profiri by Conrad Storad
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Javelina Book Image

Gold Medal

Don't Call Me Pig
by Conrad Storad

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