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Cool Critters
Cool Critters
Author: Lorraine Lynch Geiger
Illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen

Have you ever tried rubbing the skin of a messy, icky, scummy, sticky, grimy, slimy, slug? All you would need to do is find a terrestrial gastropod mollusk. They're everywhere, you know. You'll even find one inside this book --- along with creatures that can go for six months without eating, and clobbering, kicking kangaroos that kick at gates. Then there are those maddening, menacing termites that wreck your roof till there's no proof that it was ever there.

You'll not only learn how these animals behave, but also where they live, what they eat, what they look like, and whether they have ten eyes, or four pairs of legs, or scaly, bead-like skin. You'll learn whether they live in caves, or crevices, on smeary rock shelves, or under the eaves of your house.

The creatures in this book tell you personally of their habits and habitat, what they like and don't like, whether they're hairy, or slimy, or fuzzy, or grimy. One critter will even tell you that he is so very repugnant that he even disgusts himself, while another takes great delight in swimming across your eye.

At the end of the book, you'll find interesting questions. You'll find some of the answers in the pages of this book, but for others, you might want to go to your school library or search the internet.

The poems in Cool Critters will make you laugh out loud. Are you ready? The kookaburra is.

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